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Press Release from eduIDT: 

Embracing Inclusive Design Thinking for a Progressive University Experience

Creating and developing an inclusive environment that benefits all of us, even though we may not be among the underrepresented groups of people, is one of the crucial challenges of our time that will shape our future. Based on this idea, members of the international Erasmus+ eduIDT project „Application of Inclusive Design Thinking in the Technically Oriented Subjects“, coordinated by the Faculty of Management and Informatics of University of Žilina, have focused their enthusiasm and skills over the past year on the use of Inclusive Design Thinking (IDT) tools in the educational process of students in technically-oriented programmes. In line with the project’s priorities, the aim was to create engaging and innovative internationally applicable course material using elements of Design Thinking applied to the problems of underrepresented groups. These materials are intended to help teachers of technically oriented subjects at universities to apply Inclusive Design Thinking methods in their teaching and thus to encourage students to think creatively and systematically and to focus when designing new solutions (applications, software) also on problems of minority groups because these solutions can be used not only by users from underrepresented groups but also by the general public.

Inclusive Design Thinking book:

is a practical guide for university teachers of technically oriented subjects, which helps them, and their students focus on designing new solutions to problems of underrepresented groups. 
contains an explanation of Inclusive Design Thinking, its process, phases, tips and tricks, and examples of methods that teachers/students/public can use to help address the problems in our daily lives.
is available in eight languages (English, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Estonian, French, Spanish and Slovak).
is available on or free at the project website:

In addition to the handbook, there are videos explaining the basics of Inclusive Design Thinking and templates for each method explained in the materials.

The authors consider the published materials dynamic and will adapt them based on feedback from experts and the public. Therefore, they invite all colleagues to contact them with suggestions for improvement or leave feedback on the project website. In the ongoing phase of the project, they will test the different methods with students and based on this, they will also publish recommendations for teachers to implement this methodology in education. 

The Erasmus+ project eduIDT consists of 9 partners from 7 European countries: University of Žilina (Slovakia), Tallinn University (Estonia), Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), Sveuciliste u Zagrebu (Croatia), Debreceni Egyetem (Hungary), IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire (France), Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule (Germany), Eggztra Innovations s. r. o. (Slovakia) and European Institute for Labour and Industrial Relations (Germany). The project aims to bring inclusive design thinking methodology into the technically oriented high-level education focused on problem-solving of underrepresented groups to enhance the creation of inclusive, innovative solutions for society.

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